Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New year... new plan... old story!

The year has ended, and I've not make the planned amount of progress on the Circles. Oh well, many other good things happened so perhaps it's not a bad thing after all.

I have spent a fair amount of time following the blogs of the rest of the Knights. A dedicated bunch by any standard and full of keen insights. I wonder how you all manage to find the time and energy to make so much progress.

I think I will need to develop a somewhat less aggressive plan if I'm to have any chance of success. Maybe I shouldn't make it quite so structured. This time of the year is notorious for the development of plans that die in mid-February so I will resist.

I'd like to spend a couple of hours a week practicing/studying and an hour or so playing OTB or on FICS. After all, it's a game not a life. I may get kicked out of the Knights with such a slack attitude!


Anonymous said...

Never get kicked... you might get prodded on occasion, but I'd never kick you out!

Start out simple... get into a routine. A few ( like 10 maybe) problems a day. A Chess club perhaps here and there.... some on line stuff and definitely some OTB.


Montse said...

No worries mate, i think you should find something like a half hour a day to do some tactics. Everyone has its own rhythm. You might want to work in mini circles. Break up the 1200 exercises in small parts. Start simple as blunderprone said. It's not about how fast but how much you learn. Even within the easier levels of CT-art I find sometimes new solutions or moves. For instance when you have two knights close to each other on the board, do you know which fields are covered. If you would print it out and colour the covered space you would find geometrically patterns, it will improve your mating tactics with 2 knights as certain configurations will not induce mate. We all get kicked at chess. There was a time that every game I played I dropped a piece. The biggest improvement was the fact that i stopped loosing a piece.You can also learn a tactic at a time. For instance the pin. How to break a pin, and how to execute one? How to make a double cross, what are the limitations etc. To comfort you If you eat to fast you might have stomach problems. I take it slow too. maybe cc not too many games but some, put a clock beside you and give yourself only 20 min max to analyse the move. Write it (your ideas)down, so when you go through the game you might understand your thoughts. Welcome back

Pendrax said...

Thanks to you both for the encouragement. I'm puttering a bit from time-to-time and doing the CT-Art exercises. I've also spent a bit of time on the Tactics Server. Not gone yet...!