Thursday, February 01, 2007

Maybe this is too much of the "less aggressive" part?

A month between posts is certainly not a program of study that is at risk of being too intense! I have been playing a bit and solving a few problems here and there on CTS, but nothing too structured. I really must get back on track.

I have not quit yet, believe it or not. I should look back through the records of the Knights Errant to see if anyone has ever staged a comeback from a stall like this one.


phorku said...


Temposchlucker said...

The shirt you wear already betrayed a frivolous nature. So we don't expect too much:)

See it this way:
To gain 100 ratingpoints per year you have to win 7 extra games above your usual score of 50% against equal opposition. I have a good feeling for 4 weeks usually after a win. That means that you can be happy 7 x 4 weeks is 28 weeks ABOVE your usual state of bliss after winning your common 50%. That should motivate you.

Blue Devil Knight said...

psalcido came back after many months and finished

Pendrax said...

Thanks BDK. I hope to get things underway again soon!